The 5 Hot Spots: Creating Your Zen as a Creative Entrepreneur

Learn to Balance Health & Wellness, Emotions, Relationships, Career and Spirituality effortlessly while building your business

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I believe in the idea that how we do ONE thing, is how we do EVERYTHING! This means, that if one areas of your life is off balance, the other areas of your life will become affected as well. What happens when we become off balance? We become irritable, have little energy, our relationships become tricky to manage... our lives become chaos.

This course is specifically designed to give you support in your 5 "hot spot" areas: Health & Wellness, Emotional Balance, Relationships, Career, and Spirituality. You'll receive inspirational video support, downloadable worksheets, downloadable meditations, downloadable relaxation music, access to incredible, exclusive interviews from experts across the globe, how-to demonstrations, and more. This course is packed full with EVERYTHING you could possibly need to support you on your journey to balance.

Each week, we'll focus on a different "hot spot" and you'll receive amazing information on ways to help support this area of your life and bring more balance to your days.

What's included?

  1. Over 200 pages of tips, tricks, motivation, and worksheets

  2. 37+ audio tracks to guide you through your workbooks

  3. 6 exclusive interviews only available within this course from amazing humans around the globe including a couple who has quit their jobs to travel the world, a financial guru to help you with your money blocks, a meditation specialist, and more!

  4. 51 page e-book by Latasha Kinnard - Chief Financial Officer of Start Young Financial Group

  5. 2 video demonstrations (one around movement and the other around creative expression)

  6. 3 guided meditations - specially made for this course

  7. 4 meditation tracks - audio only - specially made for this course

This course is for you if the following is true:

- You want a deeper connection to your body and soul

- You're feeling burnt out as an entrepreneur

- You're curious about the mind, body & spirit connection and how to balance each for abundant success

- You're SO done with the feeling of overwhelm while creating your business

- You're ready to step into your spotlight and embrace your life to the fullest

- You desire more within your life

- You need an energy boost because..let's face it. There just aren't enough hours in the day

- You desire to FINALLY have your finances in order

- You desire to 'let go' of what is no longer serving you

This course is NOT for you if....

- You love chaos, clutter, irritability and overwhelm and all those other yucky feelings

I've specifically designed this course to gently walk you through the 5 main areas within our life: Health/wellness, Emotional balance, Relationships, Career balance and Spirituality (connection to something greater). I KNOW you're ready to ditch the feeling of not having enough time in the day. I KNOW you're ready to FINALLY step into your power and create a purposeful, abundant life that SERVES you.

Here's the break down:

WEEK 1: Health & Wellness

5 Days of transformational messages to help you on your body love journey and why it's essential as an entrepreneur to have a strong sense of self. We'll cover listening to your body's intuition, nourishing your body, movement, ways to boost your energy, and how to FINALLY step into the idea that your body is absolutely perfect the way it is. We even have an AMAZING fitness expert demonstrating easy, fun ways to move your body that feel GOOD! ($200 value)

WEEK 2: Emotional Well-being

5 Days of powerful, mindset work focusing on staying within a positive frequency, combating negative emotions, recognizing negative behaviors and adjusting them to positive actions, Saying YES and Saying NO, and letting go of what is no longer serving you. This week, you'll have access to an exclusive interview with The Switchback Kids, two 26 year olds who quit their jobs to travel to EVERY National Park in the United States within 1 year. It's an amazing, powerful story that can ONLY be accessed through this course. ($400 value)

WEEK 3: Relationships

5 Days of focusing on the most important relationships in your life: the relationship with yourself, your significant other (or future significant other), family, friends, money, and your relationship with your career. You'll hear an exclusive interview (only found within this course) from an amazing woman who is balancing working a corporate job, running her own business, writing a book, AND being a single mother and get her tips on how you can do it too. ($200 value)

WEEK 4: Career and Money

5 Days of working through those money blocks and KEY steps around getting out of your own way and achieving your career goals. Yet another EXCLUSIVE interview from a powerful, financial force who started her own business in her early 20s, Latasha Kinnard. She helps build future millionaires and she gives us ALL the juicy details on how we can create our own amazing money story. You'll have access to all of her financial strategies and the steps to accessing your inner power, as well as her 51 page e-book. Latasha Kinnard is the Chief Financial Officer of Start Young Financial and her interview with me cannot be accessed anywhere else but this course!. ($500 value)

WEEK 5: Spirituality

5 Days of mindfulness. This week, you'll have access to meditations that you can use FOREVER! An exclusive interview with David Weinkauff - mindfulness guru. We'll focus on finding your purpose, accessing your intuition, vision boards, manifesting, and you'll even get a Soul Painting demo by me! This week is all about taking action and getting your mind into the present moment. It's about KNOWING that the universe totally backs you up and that you're absolutely capable of anything you put your mind to. ($500 value)

Your Instructor

Amy Jo
Amy Jo

Hey there!

I’m Amy Jo, an International Marketing Strategist for Creatives who are in the process of building their business but are stuck in the ‘HOW’s of creating multiple streams of income. How do I scale my business? HOW do I attract ideal clients? HOW do I grow my email list? HOW do I _________?!?!?!

I see so many creatives who have SUCH a gift that if they only knew how to bring it into the online world, they could be generating the income they’ve been dreaming of FROM THEIR PASSIONS.

That’s my goal. To help you teach and spread your passion. I tell you exactly how to do that in this course (because I've done it!). I teach you step by step all of the technical stuff and hold your hand along the way (because let’s be honest, that’s where many of us give up…the HOW'S of things can be SO confusing!). We get down and dirty into marketing yourself, setting up your course for success, software options and more.

I'm excited you're here and I can't wait to release your overwhelm and help you along your entrepreneurial journey!

Class Curriculum

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  Module 3: Creating & Sustaining Relationships as an Entrepreneur
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Who is this course for?
YOU! If you're feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and just plain 'over it', whether that be in your entrepreneurial journey or life in general, this course is for you. Not only do we focus on your emotional wellbeing, but we have amazing interviews from others just like you who have action steps that you can implement immediately into your daily life.
What if this course doesn't 'work' for me?
Everyone is different. But the BEST way to have this course affect your life is to implement each action step and focus on moving forward. There is no 'cure' or 'fix' unless YOU do the work to make it happen. You can do it! We believe in you!

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